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When is a Blog a Question and Vice Versa

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On StackOverflow.com they are very picky about the types of questions asked, and the types of conversations that are allowed.  One of the reasons that Discourse.com was created was because they decided that a Q&A site is just not quite the same thing as a discussion forum.  They'd probably (and likely have) say the same thing about a Q&A site and a blog site.

Well, not to say that they are wrong, but acknowledging that various opinons may be had - and in the interest of expediancy and re-use, we are going to be using this Q&A forum as the host for our blog topics as well.  You'll be able to find them all under the blog-post tag.

As we get our feet under ourselves, this may change - and then again it may not.  I like the idea of all of the conversations being in one place - regardless of whether they are truly Question and Answer exchanges.
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asked Jul 22, 2013 by Steven M. Cherry (42,320 points)
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